W. Vincent Liu Group for Theoretical Condensed Matter and Cold Atom Physics at the University of Pittsburgh

It hosts the online arxiv preprint selection and the schedule of group meetings for the group.

Pages are created month by month to avoid too many pages. The Monday of each week determines which month that week belongs to.

Please use heading 1 for the weakly paper reader's name (generally the organizer will take care of it). Use heading 2 for the date and heading 3 for the arxiv ID and title. Please insert a horizontal line to seperate different dates. Please double check the page when you finish editing since sometimes some annoying paragraph breaking may occur.

The organizer - Zehan Li - will create monthly pages and put in the readers' names routinely.

Early organizers: Bo Liu 2013-16, Xiaopeng Li 2012-13, and Zhixu Zhang 2010-12.